Allison Harper Stillwell (en_afrique) wrote in west_africa,
Allison Harper Stillwell

Ghana photographs

I spent the last two months in Gbi Kledjo near Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana and have oh so many pictures of my kids at the Volta School for the Mentally Challenged; all are being posted on my journal. If you're thinking about going to Ghana, are already in Ghana, whatever, please take a look at my pictures of my students and the beauty of the Volta Region!

I can't wait to get back to Ghana! Hope to be back in December, and I'm definitely going in March!

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Hi! Very nice pictures!
I'm going to Ghana for the first time with my university in January for three weeks. Do you have any advice with safety, health, street smarts, etc? I appreciate it!
Which part of Ghana will you be going to?
We'll be spending a lot of our time in Accra since we'll be based there, but we're also going to the Sokode community, Wli Falls, Cape Coast, Aburi, Kumasi, and Mole
I didn't go into Accra too much -- way too big of a city for my tastes. I lived about 12 km from Wli though, and all I have to say is DO NOT MISS IT. I went there three times and loved it every time. I went to Kumasi for one day and some of my friends went to the Sunday market there, but I just stayed in. I really liked going up to Akosombo and to the Cedi Bead Factory outside of Kpong. If you can make it to Kpando, they have fabulous pottery there. I never went to Cape Coast because I was more interested in staying in my village and working, but from what I've been told, it's just sort of a fancy tourist trap.

A huge warning about going to Mole -- it will be the worst ride you have ever endured in your entire life. Everything's very smooth from Kumasi until about Fufuitso, and at that point you get onto an unsurfaced road that seems to go on forever. Don't wear anything white because by the time you get to Mole, it will be completely ruddy. If you can find a way to hire an all-terrain vehicle, DO IT. I went on tro-tro and it was horrendous, especially on the way back when our tro-tro broke down after snapping something in a pothole. Take the early-morning walking safari, not the vehicle safari -- totes lame.

Also, don't go into Togo unless you really have to. I mean, I'd probably go to Togo now that I know the area pretty well, but all of the people who went with me and decided to venture into Togo without a Ghanaian, it ended up very badly.
Thank you so much for your advice!!!