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Senegal Next year

Hey everyone, in two months I'll be starting my study abroad in Senegal. The program is called "Living Routes" and its based out of Dakar. I'm really looking forward to this but I have a few questions about life in West Africa.

1. What do men wear in Africa? Will khaki pants and t-shirts be ok?
2. How will people react when they learn I'm Catholic? Is it ok to be open about this, or would it be better to hide this (and my bible...I have a cool pocket sized version!)
3. Any Wolof phrases that would be useful before my Wolof lessons begin?
4. What is the best way to call the US? How about local calls? Would a cell phone be best for local calls?
5. Anything special I should bring? Anything special I shouldn't bring?
6. I'll be turning 21 while I'm there, and while I don't drink a whole lot, would I be looked down upon if I went to a bar to celebrate? Do they have bars in Dakar?
7. Ideas of things to share with my host family? Foods/gifts/interesting stuff that they may enjoy?

Answers to any of these questions would be amazing. I know some of the questions are probably funny and probably have obvious answers, but its better to be safe.

Thanks! Merci! Jërëjëf!
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